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About Us

Maximum fitness Training - Cheryl ReddishThe mission of Maximum Fitness Training is to educate and support clients as they improve their health and fitness. Founded by Cheryl Reddish, Maximum Fitness Training is Buffalo’s most exclusive and popular training resource. Maximum Fitness Training offers a full range of services to help you meet your goals. At Maximum Fitness Training, you get a complete program of exercise and nutritional advice to improve your health now and for the rest of your life. Whatever your fitness goal, strength training is an essential element of the program. There is no better way to reach that goal than for you to take advantage of Maximum Fitness Training.

Finding a qualified expert personal trainer is as easy as picking up the telephone and dialing 390-4829. The client/trainer relationship is unique, you will receive intelligent, caring training and advice that will help you succeed. In addition to weight loss assistance, Maximum Fitness Training specializes in prenatal exercise and fitness, arthritis management, and personally designed fitness programs to meet your fitness goals, whatever they are.

Cheryl Reddish

Owner of Maximum Fitness Training
Certified Trainer

Health and Wellness expert
Over 20 years experience in the industry

  • Ms. New York State 1985
  • Ms. Buffalo 1986
  • Ms. New York Tri-State 1986
  • 2nd Ms. Niagara Falls Grand Prix 1988
  • Fitness model – Body Shop 


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