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Success Stories

Maximum Fitness Training has a friendly environment with all the right equipment.  Not only are Cheryl and Ed great people, they are also great at what they do.  Both are professional trainers with the knowledge and experience to help you reach your fitness goals.

~ Merle

I have been working out at Maximum Fitness Training with Cheryl and Ed for a month, and have been completely satisfied. Cheryl and  Ed do a excellent job of getting the most out of you. Both of them are very knowledgeable at putting a training program together to meet my fitness, and training needs. I am very pleased with Maximum Fitness Training as they are very motivating. I have trained with other trainers in the past, but have never had anyone so involved in my exercise program and instruction ,as Cheryl and Ed.

~ Chuck

Cheryl was referred to me by a family member & my chiropractor. They both knew of her talent and her dedication. I had a lot of weight to lose, and she knew what it took to get me to my Goal. My work outs were hard but fun. Today I am much lighter and much healthier. Through her guidance and teaching and unbelievable knowledge she gave me the tools to achieve my goal. She was there to change it up and make it interesting.  I lost over 70 lbs, and have maintained it for over 5 years.  I also know what to do, when I get off track and how to get back on track and be successful. Without Cheryl and her time and care, I would not have never achieved my goals.

~ Melissa

I worked out with Cheryl and Ed Reddish for two years and until I moved out of the area.  I miss them so much.  They are knowledgeable, funny and kind fitness experts who helped me realize potential that I never knew I had.  They sincerely celebrated my successes and encouraged me through my disappointments.  I lost 20 pounds and two dress sizes.   While I have been looking for a fitness expert in the city in which I now live, I realize that Cheryl and Ed are unique and irreplaceable.

~ Jenene

I thought I was fairly fit. For years I went to the gym or had some physical activity 4-5 times a week.  I was given 3 months of personal training as a gift. Now, I had worked with gym trainers in the past and thought this would be fun but not much different. I could NOT have been more wrong!!

I am SO grateful for that wonderful gift. Not only did I gain two wonderful friends but I gained a new body!  In 3 short months I noticed a huge difference, as did my family and friends. I have actually had several complete strangers compliment me and ask me what I do for physical fitness. The ULTIMATE compliment came from my 20 year old daughter who said "Mom your butt looks great!"

~ Mary

I have been training with Cheryl and Ed at their gym (Maximum Fitness) for 2 years and cannot imagine myself training anywhere else. Their knowledge and experience in the fitness world is second to none with their sincere interest in helping people with overall health and nutrition to giving expert advice and direction to the person who is interested in setting personal goals in fitness. They truly live what they love and love to share it with others.

~ Marcia

I came to Cheryl and Ed Reddish at Maximum Fitness Training when I realized that my naturally thin and healthy body wasn’t just that anymore. All my life I believed I was blessed and did not have to watch what I ate nor did I have to go above and beyond my sport workout. When my epiphany hit, it hit hard. My self-esteem had bottomed out; I was sluggish and not understanding why. Cheryl and Ed had helped my father get his weight and cholesterol under control and he referred me to see them help with my weight struggle.

Not only did they help me with my weight, they taught me the correct way to eat; how to identify certain foods, how to manage my grocery list, why choose certain products and not others, what the difference is between products and how to break certain eating habits efficiently. On a daily basis they go above and beyond to be sure you are following your plan, coming in for your check-up and feeling good about your progress. Cheryl and Ed Reddish are motivators. They want to see you do well for your health, mentally and physically and are with you for the long haul. They have helped me go beyond my goals and pushed me towards success. They have taught me things that will stick with me for the rest of my life and I am forever grateful to them.

I highly recommend any person looking to improve and maintain their health and expand their knowledge on nutrition and training to Cheryl and Ed Reddish at Maximum Fitness Training.

~ Jaime

I have been with Cheryl & Ed Reddish at Maximum Fitness for 8 years now. I always worked out and thought I ate well to maintain a certain body image.  Cheryl & Ed have changed my work out routine mentally and physically by giving me the confidence for example to know that I can push my body to do 180lbs. leg press.  She has taught me as a long standing vegetarian, how to eat right to incorporate adequate protein and limit my junk food habits.  Because of both of these two committed people, I know the CREATOR is working spiritually to motivate me to continue to stay focused so I can maintain the healthy body I desire.  Because of Cheryl & Ed , I was able to compete and win in my age category in a Body Building contest some years ago. If you have the desire to BE TRANSFORMED, then Maximum Fitness with Cheryl & Ed is the place to be!

~ Ellen

Being an ex-college athlete and training my whole life, I thought my workouts were pretty comprehensive and my technique was strong. The mid-forties came and the same workouts were not producing the same results. That was when a friend recommended Maximum Fitness and training with Cheryl and Ed. I have been with them for four years now and they definitely worked together to change not only my strength and conditioning routine, but also my nutritional plan. Now I use the same weights I always used with different routines that maximize my results. More important they have taught me how to eat in even more healthy ways. The change of lifestyle they promote through exercise and eating has contributed positively to my health. With all honesty I can say that in four years I have never left a session disappointed. They collaboratively work with you on your goals.

~ Lynn

I have been a client at Maximum Fitness Training for 12 years. Cheryl and Ed trained me for 2 body building shows in 2002 and 2011.  They are amazing trainers. The best in Buffalo, New York. They are highly educated in weight training and nutrition. Their gym has the best equipment in the area. They are always updating with the most advanced cardio and weight equipment available in the industry.

Their professionalism, extensive knowledge and enthusiastic commitment to their work and clients, provides the perfect scenario for success and sets foundations for a new healthier lifestyle.

~ Penny



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