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Success Stories - Karen

Karen - beforeKaren - afterAfter overcoming some serious health challenges, my weight had begun to creep up slowly and although I followed a healthy, low glycemic diet and worked out often, I feared I would never again be at the size or fitness level I desired to be.  I then made a commitment to work out with Cheryl and Ed twice a week.  

When I started, I was overweight, out of shape, stiff and sore, with aching joints.  Cheryl gave me a food plan to follow.  She is an expert at what foods to eat and at what time of day to eat them.  They helped me safely build up my strength and endurance.  As I became stronger and more fit, I was able to work out longer and harder, lift heavier weights and do push-ups and other exercises I haven’t been able to do in years. Within 3 months, I was down about 25 lbs and between 3 and 4 sizes. I dramatically improved the shape of my body and increased my muscle mass and consequently, fat burning. Now, my metabolism is vastly improved and I am able to eat without stressing about it.

I never could have accomplished this alone.  At Maximum Fitness Training, there is an opportunity to reinvent yourself and achieve optimum weight and vibrant health, regardless of age or fitness level you are when you start.  When I started feeling fit and strong, I actually began to look forward to exercising.  I have a renewed interest in stylish clothes and no longer feel like I have to hide my body.  I used to only want to wear black. What a thrill to feel confident enough to wear colors and fitted styles!  Working out at their beautiful gym has been life changing for me. 

~ Karen G.

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